Jun 12

Do All You Can: The Story of Flowetik

Written By Zamawa Arenas

The story of Flowetik [Flow-et-ik] starts at next, on the other side of 15 years as co-owner of Argus a full-service marketing agency doing work that matters. It was remarkable to build a multi-million dollar company while working with A-list clients from the nonprofit, business and government sectors. Now, I want to contribute and be challenged in new ways.

Over time, I’ve met many leaders of startups, small businesses, and social ventures in need of sound brand strategy and marketing to help them grow in a way that is doable given their resources. I created Flowetik to fill that need in collaboration with a savvy and intrepid team driven to do outstanding work. Our backgrounds span branding, strategic messaging, analytics, research, public relations, inbound marketing, content creation, and coaching teams.

Unique to Flowetik is our know-how in launching startups, building sustainable small businesses and helping social enterprises increase their funding base. We get it. We’ve been through the challenges of creating brand differentiation, winning clients, customers, or funders, and leading teams to give their best. That is why we recognize the critical importance of not wasting time to get results. The way I see it, our job is to uncomplicate the complicated so clients can take big and bold steps forward.

The Flowetik Blog 

We will use the Flowetik blog as a platform to:

  • spotlight business and nonprofit leaders
  • share practical advice about branding and marketing
  • draw attention to cultural trends impacting the world we live in

Our blog articles will be in four series:

  • Startup Warriors: Entrepreneurs’ stories of ingenuity, grit & resilience
  • CEOpinion: Conversations with CEOs about what it takes to succeed in the game
  • Truth Be Told: How to flex your marketing chops
  • InCulture: Novel ideas impacting the way we live

I’ve always believed in the power of doing good and doing well. That is at the core of Flowetik, and why I partner with like-minded people to make good stuff happen. The journey is just beginning. This time I have more wisdom, clarity, and flow.

To end I leave you with a quote by Nkosi Johnson. He was a 12-year old South African AIDS activist who inspired me when I started to work in Boston 20 years ago:

Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are.