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Aug 1

Why Testing is Essential for Startups

Written By Zamawa Arenas

Yuanyuan Yin, CEO and her husband Dylan Murphy, CTO started SuperHealos with a mission to create awesome products that would ease stress for all children facing medical treatment.

What inspired you to launch SuperHealos?

We decided to dedicate our attention to helping children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes after an unexpected hospital stay, loss of a family member, and renewed focus on what’s important in life.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far and how have you met them?

SuperHealos has a very small team with a small budget. It was difficult to reach families in need in a timely matter. We decided to narrow our focus on a specific age group with specific challenges. Originally our plan was to help a broader set of families, but it was too difficult with our budget and team.

How did you get funded or what creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow?

We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and won a few start-up competitions. We invested our savings from our corporate jobs to start the company. When we made money on product sales, we reinvested it into the company.

What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for SuperHealos?

We are partnering with Gaab Laboratory of Boston Children’s Hospital to design an MRI App geared towards reducing the use of the general anesthesia during children’s MRI procedures. Children will learn the parts of the MRI, hear the sounds and play games that help them to lie still during the MRI procedure. We will release the app later this year.

What three lessons have you learned about being an entrepreneur?

Test Test Test!

Test your market! Do small tests to identify your target audience.

Test your products! Test different aspects with the prototypes to build minimum loveable products before spending the big money on productions.

And run small tests for any assumptions you make about your business.

What words of advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

You will encounter many highs and low lows when you start a company. It’s difficult to launch a business! Make sure you have a great support network, friends, families, mentors, or anyone you can vent out your emotions when necessary. A good support system will go a long way. Try to meet other folks in the startup community and support each other.

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