Karla Morales

photographer & creative

Hi, I’m Karla. I’m a creative and entrepreneur, continuously becoming.

Creation is our highest form of expression. As a photographer, capturing an essence is one of the many ways I connect with Spirit. I picked up photography fall of 2021 to help me get out of a burn out I experienced and began by taking portraits of strangers from the internet and from my travels. This creativity brought me to photography for nightlife events, specifically in Boston’s LGBTQ scene. For my personal practice, I love to take raw photos of people to share the many expressions of their Spirit. Here’s my work.

I also create by running Bohio Clean, a platform that connects people & businesses with cleaning professionals. I’ve been in the cleaning industry my whole life, cleaning homes with my mom. She inspired me to start an eco-friendly cleaning company in 2018. With experiences from the pandemic, it led me to create Bohio Clean.

I think that many of the things I do are a form of liberation not only for myself, but to be shared with the collective. With Bohio Clean, we help show the way with cleaning as a tool. And with creation, liberation comes in multiple forms.

fun facts

  • Poet
  • Non-binary, all pronouns, no preference
  • Leo Sun, Virgo Moon, Sag Rising

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