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Beth Mccarthy

Researcher & Facilitator

Hi, my name is Beth. I’m a passionate consultative leader with a background steeped in consumer understanding.

I’ve spent my entire career immersing myself in clients’ business, understanding their challenges and goals and partnering with them to develop solutions. I love the art of drawing people out. I ask the right questions to get beneath the surface. I also love the challenge of piecing together themes and building a story – one that reveals a new/different way of thinking.

For the last few years, I’ve run my own strategic facilitation consulting practice helping organizations think through tough challenges and new ways to solve.  Before breaking out on my own, I spent 11 years at C Space and was instrumental in growing the company from 30 to 600+ employees.  I led complex client relationships including HP, Charles Schwab, and Meredith Corporation and worked with them to understand how to make their brand, products, experiences and messaging relevant to the people they serve.

I’ve long been passionate about education having worked as a volunteer, consultant, and lecturer. I’ve taught Consumer Understanding at both Northeastern University and Boston University and currently teach Entrepreneurial Leadership at Tufts University.