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We've found through our extensive research that what people truly want is to be treated like a human being, not a number when dealing with the healthcare system.

From improving access to healthcare to advocating for people-centric policies, our clients are dedicated to creating a world where every person receives equitable, quality, and dignified care.

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Promote excellence in addiction psychiatry

AAAP is a national professional society that’s dedicated to the critical intersection of substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, focusing on evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery. AAAP’s goal is to increase awareness of the value of Addiction Psychiatry to the medical field and society, transforming the lives of those at risk of and with substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

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Improve the oral health of all

The CareQuest Institute for Oral Health is a national nonprofit championing a more equitable future where every person can reach their full potential through optimal health. CareQuest operates as a catalyst for systems change, bringing forth ideas and solutions to create a more accessible, equitable, and integrated health system for everyone. CareQuest does this through its work in grantmaking, research, health improvement programs, policy and advocacy, and education, as well as its leadership in dental benefits, care delivery, and innovation advancements.

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Heal and care for the community

Recognized nationally as a model for the delivery of comprehensive health and human services in an urban community, The Dimock Center provides the residents of Boston with convenient access to high quality, low cost health care and human services that might not otherwise be available to the communities they serve.

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Redefining Complex Primary Care

Feltin Community Care was founded to restore responsive, interdisciplinary care in the home; promote independence; and advance the goals of health equity throughout the Commonwealth. Feltin is an innovative primary care practice made up of highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, and care navigators, who provide timely in-home care to individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs.

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Driving healthcare forward through innovation and insights

IHI works to improve all aspects of health and healthcare. IHI’s The Conversation Project® is a public engagement initiative with both a simple and transformative goal: to help everyone talk about their wishes for care through the end of life, so those wishes can be understood and respected. Through its Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative, IHI is working with partners to reliably provide evidence-based practice to every older adult at every care interaction.

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Improve health care for people living with serious illness

The Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care’s mission is to strengthen the communication, collaboration, and connection between the health care system and communities, and between patients and clinicians, to support what matters most to everyone seeking care, especially people living with serious illness.

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Empower Communities through Patient-Centered Care

The Mass League of Community Health Centers aims to promote population health equity for all through leadership and programs supporting community health centers and members in achieving their goals of accessible, quality, comprehensive, and community-responsive health care.

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